Introducing Fusion Originals…

Inspired by the world’s most famous pioneering scientists, artists, and inventors, Fusion Originals inner-city hotels do not share a consistent style. Instead, we tailor each property to evoke the life and times of its namesake.

Darwin – bringing discovery, adventure, and the raw natural world into the heart of Saigon

The first chapter in the Originals story begins with Charles Darwin, the English naturalist famous for his controversial theory of evolution by natural selection. As a company, Fusion loves big, world-changing ideas. It’s what we thrive on. We therefore launch the Originals brand with the man who changed the way we view our place in the universe forever.

Located less than 200 meters  from Saigon’s famous opera house, Darwin – a Fusion Original gives old-world sophistication a contemporary yet timeless urban edge.

Filled with playful surprises, unique guest services, inspiring dining experiences, and Fusion’s trademark brand of understated elegance, Darwin (like the man himself), is not afraid to break the rules a little.

Through the use of natural tones, textures, and botanical motifs, Darwin – a Fusion Original evokes the sights (and sounds) that once inspired our namesake on his epic global tour aboard the H.M.S. Beagle. And while you may not change the world as he once did, we think it’s a good place to start.

Arriving Summer 2019