The fusionista

We’ve done away with the old-fashioned concierge desk, we’ve thrown out the rulebook on butlers and tour-guides, and, instead, have put together a team of warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable characters dedicated to personalising your vacation experience, taking it from “great” to “amazing” in every way possible.

Hoi An shuttle bus

Daily schedule:
2pm Bus departs from Hotel to Hoi An
8pm Bus departs Hoi An and returns to Hotel

Price per person:
VND 100,000 one way
VND 150,000 round trip

50% off for children under 16 years

Fitness center

Whether you’re looking for a vigorous workout, a sculpted body or a peaceful mind, our fitness center will help you achieve your goal. Open from 6:30 to 22:00, our fitness center is fitted with the Technogym equipment including cardio machines, free weights or core centric training with ARKE™.
Sweat – Smile – and repeat.


After a workout, sauna is one of the best facilities to use. Indeed in the sauna the body temperature increases and consequently, the effect will be to reduce the muscle pains that may arise after the workout and thus to have ultimately a better muscle recovery.
However, sauna as many other benefice such like increase the elimination of the toxins contain in your body which give good reason for non-sportive to enjoy it.